Corporate Profile

Established in 1946, Mikimoto Co., Ltd. provides innovative technological solutions and support to the telecommunications operators and end users. Mikimoto also supplies machinery and equipment for the building of steel powers and the rigging of high voltage power lines in Japan and Malaysia. Mikimoto offers complete range of products for the electrical, telecommunications and constructions industries. In response to the new telecommunication demands with a global perspective to cater for greater needs for information media, mobile communications, multimedia, optic fiber networks, and the sort.  
Mikimoto’s contribution has been widely recognized and it has earned the trust and support of the electric utility companies, telecommunications companies and the housing providers throughout Japan and Malaysia.  

Associates Company

Mikimoto Communications Sdn. Bhd.
Mikimoto is committed to providing value-for-money and highly reliable products and services which are specifically tailored for business and corporate organizations.

Business Structures

Fiber Optics Division

Mikimoto is one of the fast growing fiber optic suppliers in Malaysia. We have more than 10 years of experience. With strong capabilities, well experienced industry team members and excellent in customer relationship, we ensure our service quality above customer satisfaction. We aim to be one of the leaders in fiber optic business, telecommunication research technology and innovation through the provision of competitive world-class products and services.

Solar energy Division

We are people dedicated to solar energy. We see solar energy as a tremendous opportunity to change the path that we are currently on for future generations.

Mikimoto is the full service provider of PV Solar Systems. Our professional services include:-

  • Planning & support
  • System design
  • Installation & Construction
  • Maintenance & Repair Management

Multimedia Division

Multimedia is reshaping businesses, entertainment, and society in an astonishing way. To meet these new demands, Multimedia Division aims to delivering the new technology from all over the world. 

Electrical Products & Engineering Division

Mikimoto design & develop outdoor enclosure for a wide variety of telecommunications applications. Engineered for cost effectiveness and reliability, Mikimoto power systems are compact & modular, enabling auto reclosing functionality, prudent surge protection solutions to meet complex electrical & electronic systems. We integrate state-of-the-art power systems including third-party rectifiers and batteries, thermal management system, electrical distribution panel and lightning protection system, all completely assembled and ready for deployment.

We have a demonstrated capability, our senior management and staffs have held significant roles and responsibility in project management. Our strength in the project implementation sphere lies in a depth of professional experience in technology and project management skills.


Mechanical Parking Systems Division

Our product began in the 1960s. In the wake of the Tokyo Olympics, the nationwide leisure boom ignited rapid motorization, propelling the construction of major motorways throughout Japan. In 1962, our product is installed at Takashimaya Department Store in Nihon-bashi, Tokyo. The effort of continuous development has become one of the market leaders in the parking industry. In response to market needs, we provide parking solutions to best suit site conditions and customer requirements.