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PVI-2000 & PVI-3600

The smallest of Power-One's Aurora PV string inverters, this unit is designed to be housed indoors as opposed to many of its outdoor counterparts. This small residential string inverter will work most effectively with small photovoltaic residential installations. This very compact, slim, lightweight and easy-to-install inverter offers a very cost effective entry point for users new to photovoltaic or in need of a simple power inverter solution.

Our existing client:-



UNO-2.0-I & UNO-2.5-1

The UNO-2.0-l and UNO-2.5-I are the latest single phase string inverters in the Aurora range. A new-look inverter but packed with Power-One's proven high performing technology. The new look inverter has new features including a special built-in heat sink compartment and front panel display system.


PVI-3.0-OUTD & PVI-3.6-OUTD & PVI-4.2-OUTD

One of the key benefits of the Uno family of single-phase inverters is the dual input section to process two strings with independent MPPT especially useful for rooftop install with two different orientations (i.e East and West). The high speed MPPT offers real-time power tracking and improved energy harvesting.

Our existing client:-

Sutera Utama (Johor Bahru)


PVI-4.2-OUTD & PVI-4.6-OUTD-I & PVI-5000-OUTD & PVI-6000-OUTD

This inverter has all the usual Aurora benefits, including dual input section to process two strings with independent MPPT, high speed and precise MPPT algorithm for real-time power tracking and energy harvesting, as well as transformerless operation for high performance efficiencies of up to 97.1%.

Our existing client:

NTT Data Communications (Cyberjaya)


University Putra Malaysia (Serdang)


PVI-10.0-OUTD & PVI-10.0-I-OUTD & PVI-12.5-OUTD

The three-phase 10.0 and 12.5 kW non-isolated inverter is an industry leader. Designed for commercial usage, this three-phase inverter is highly unique in its ability to control the performance of the PV panels, especially during periods of variable conditions.

Our existing client:-



TRIO-20.0-TL & TRIO-27.6-TL

The new look inverter has new features including a special built-in heat sink compartment and front panel display system. The unit is free of electrolytic capacitors, leading to a longer product lifetime.


PVI-250.0-TL & PVI-500.0-TL

This product offers high performance with affordable capital expenditure and has been specifically designed for the fast growing Asian market. This product design is the result of the experience we have acquired with more than 50MW of installation in the challenging Asian market.



PVI-CENTRAL-50/100 & PVI-55.0/110.0 & PVI-165.0/220.0 & PVI-275.0/330.0

These Aurora commercial-grade inverters are designed for large solar applications such as apartment buildings and industrial facilities. These extremely scalable modular inverter systems, based on 50kW conversion modules, increase usable power and improve availability.



Installation and Construction

Our professional team takes a collaborative approach to solar and communicates to your contruction needs, objective and deadlines.

We're able to offer a superior installation and construction experience because we are:-

  • Certified PV system integrator
  • Collaborate - through regular meeting with customers and contractors
  • Maintain control - monitoring safety and ensuring quality workmanship

Planning and Support

Renewable energy - Solar PV system required specialist planning knowledge. We have a group of engineers specialized in the Solar PV sector, with extensive work completed. We are able to provide solutions for small and large scale Solar PV development. We are also able to assist. at all stages through the planning process.