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Big Flow Blowing Junction Block

There is a wide range of sizes of ducts, so to make sure the new cable and fiber blowing machine is correctly equipped . A simple replacement of rubber seals will change the setup of the Junction Block, so Different sizes of ducts, cable and fibers can be handled with this Junction Block.


Y Duct Connector & Y Junction Box

Junction box for Y duct connector is made with flexible and exchangeable sealing and is therefore suitable for several different types of setup. The Y duct connector is designed for rough conditions and is made out of material that are surface treated or complete non corrosion.

Duct Coupler

Fremco duct coupler unit is designed for sealing the duct joints/ connections during the cable blowing process. Duct coupling is easily done; fit the duct coupler on the duct and tighten nuts and it will be ready for blowing.


Cable Counter

The cable counter is designed to monitor the length of the cables blown. It is able to measure duing re-lining of more than one duct or cable at the same time.



Cable Mouse

The cable mouse is made for single cable blowing. With the cable mouse sealing, it is sticking to the inner wall of the duct like a Piston or bullet shot it's way through the duct.


Compact Cable Fleeter

The cable carousel is designed to work in conjunction with the cable blowing machine, which provides cable feed in and out of the cable fleeter.



Cable Stand

The cable stand is equipped with automatically brakes that secire the unwinding stops when the blowing process is stopped. The design of the cable stand secures no contamination from mud, soil or duct during the whole cable blowing process.



The trailer is made for cable blowing machine constructed with focus on Ergonomoc handling. The trailer is equipped with large wheels for easy off road transportation of your blowing equipment. The trailer for cable blowing machine is made in steel and the surface has been treated with paint.


One Click Cleaner

The One-Click Cleaner is an easy-to-use option for cleaning connectors in adapters. The One-Click Cleaner uses the mechanical push action to advance an optical grade cleaning tape while the cleaning tip is rotated to ensure the fiber end-face is effectively, but gently, cleaned.