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Mechanical Splice 900/900 or 250/900

Built-in function. No additional tool is required for the procedure. The result can be checked immediately using Fiber Checker.


The cable blowing machine Multiflow is designed and constructed especially for relining of micro duct. With the Multiflow you get a cable blowing machine that are made for rough conditions but still easy to operate during the relining of the micro duct.

This cable blowing machine is also so far the best blowing machine on the marked for relining of one or more micro duct into one duct. It makes the Multiflow a really reliable, flexible and easy to operate cable blowing machine.

Quick Installation Kit (for Optical Fiber)

BroField's quick install kit contains the essential tools needed for quick field termination of fibers to be further used for mechanical splice and quick assembly connector. It is an ideal solution, either for outside plant or inside a building.



The fiber blowing machine powerflow is designed and constructed for handling a wide range of different types and sizes of cable, fiber and ducts. So, when purchasing this fiber blowing machine you get a good rock-solid-all-round fiber blowing machine that is capable of doing many different fiber blowing jobs and assignments. 



The Microflow is the only machine on the market that is equipped with the FODC. FODC is an advanced air blown fiber optic damage control technology that stops the air blown fiber optic cable process if something presents the air blown fiber to move forward. The Microflow is especially designed for air blown fiber optic cable and is fully automatic.

Miniflow RAPID

Miniflow RAPID is a further development of our cable blowing machine Miniflow, and is a machine for fiber optic cable blowing. Miniflow RAPID is as standard equipped with cable length counter/ measure unit, PPI (pushing power indicator), adjustable chain drive for the cable diameter and replaceable blowing block.

The Miniflow RAPID is designed with focus on user friendly handling and operation. This cable blowing machine is simple in construction but still a solid machine for fiber optic cable blowing,

Gas Powered Hydraulic Pump

The portable has powered hydraulic pump unit is with a set of wheels easy to handle, and this together with our few button operation panel there is no excuses for waiting. You get a hydraulic pump that are fitted and designed for duct, fiber and cable blowing.


Hydraulic Control Unit for Cable

The hydraulic control unit is designed for hydraulic pressure control and speed adjustment on cable blowing machines: Powerflow, Multiflow and Miniflow.



Gas Powered Water Pump

The gas powered water pump is a portable unit that is easy to setup with Junction Block and blowing machine, with the few button operation panel, there is no excuse for waiting. A water pump that is fitted and designed for fiber and cable blowing,


Big Flow Blowing Junction Block

There is a wide range of sizes of ducts, so to make sure the new cable and fiber blowing machine is correctly equipped . A simple replacement of rubber seals will change the setup of the Junction Block, so Different sizes of ducts, cable and fibers can be handled with this Junction Block.