Electrical Products & Engineering
PP BCD TT 25/100 (F/M)

This combined four-pole SPD type PP BCD TT 25/100 and PP BCD TT 25/100/FM, with remote signal contacts, connected in the so called 3+1 circuit, offer a complete solution for the protection of TT-Power Net Systems. They are usually installed in main-or sub-distribution panel or before the equipment to be protected.

EnerPro282Tr-M (/Pk)

The SPD (surge protective device) EnerPro282Tr-M and EnerPro282Tr-M/Pk are used as lightning, overvoltage and interference voltage protectors on the supply end of electric devices and equipment. 


Mikimoto offers services in mechanical and electrical works for Telecom shelter, outdoor enclosure and equipment installation. We have developed detailed project management procedures using recognized standards and skills. These procedures are adapted and tailored on a project by project basis per our customer's requirements. We have permanent resources with adequate qualification and experience.




Mikimoto provides a variety of telecommunications maintenance programs which are continuously appraised to ensure our customers receive the support best suited to their needs. We ensure that each customer's requirements are reviewed regularly to ensure improvements to quality services are identified and implemented.